Final Disposition Instructions

Though often spoken in hushed tones, having final disposition instructions can be extremely important to allow your final funeral wishes granted. Final disposition instructions are, in general, the instructions given to your loved ones about how you want your funeral to go. They can be as detailed or as vague as a person wants. Though they can be part of a will, they are often clearer and more concise in a stand alone document.

At its core, it includes whether someone wants to be buried, cremated,  or another third options for remains. Such decisions are personal and often done in accordance with religious and cultural practices. As such, having a final disposition instruction can help give a piece of mind to you and your loved ones about ones remains are to be finally placed and how. Such matters, if left undiscussed, can leave families with hurt feelings or other unanticipated discord.

Often a morbid series of thoughts, final disposition instructions can give you certainty in how your funeral is to be conducted. Beyond how a person wants their remains to be handled, a person can dictated the minute details of their funeral. These can be as common as a person requesting to be placed in a family burial plot, or as detailed as what kind of music or hymns you wish played, what tone or mood you wish to set, and even the kind of flowers you want present.

Though not a complete necessity for an estate plan, having final disposition instructions in place can make sure your final funeral wishes are met and your loved ones given a piece of mind in an often confusing and sorrowful time. Consult with an experienced estate planning attorney to create your final disposition instructions.

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