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HERA. Goddess of marriage and family, protector of all.

At Hera Law Group, we aim to embody this quintessential protector. We recognize that marital and family matters can be complex and emotional. No matter what legal situation you bring us, we will offer you effective and creative solutions in order to protect what you value most. As a client-driven firm, our goal is to advocate for your best interests and support you every step of the way. We are experienced and driven attorneys dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you in your situation. At Hera Law Group, we’re here for you.


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If you are seeking a divorce, have questions about prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, or are in need of advice for estate planning, it is crucial you work with attorneys you know and trust. In Milton, MA, the Hera Law Group is the place people in Milton and surrounding areas turn to when they need expert legal guidance in these and other related matters. Able to handle the most complex of situations, we have established ourselves as the law firm people look to when they need a lawyer they can trust. To learn more about us, here are additional details about the various services we offer.

Family and Divorce Law
When people come to us about issues regarding family and divorce law, we realize they are going through a stressful time in their life. Because of this, we take the time to listen and explain the various options that may exist. Whether it’s a no-fault or fault-based divorce, child custody issue, or questions about child support or alimony payments, our team of experienced attorneys is always ready to help.

Mediation and Collaborative Law
While you may think the only way to obtain a divorce is through complex litigation that takes place in a courtroom, we here at Hera Law Group know mediation and collaborative divorces almost always work out best for both spouses as well as any children involved in the process. By pursuing a collaborative divorce, Milton residents realize they can retain decision-making control of important issues such as child custody and support payments. Though similar to mediation, collaborative divorces differ in that attorneys usually participate in these proceedings, which is not the case with mediation.

Estate Planning and Probate
Oddly, even though people know death is inevitable, 55% of Americans die without having made out a will or estate plan. When this happens, chaos is often the result, with family members sometimes litigating an estate for years before the situation is resolved. Here at Hera Law Group, we don’t want that to happen to you and your loved ones. Instead, we suggest you speak with us about estate planning right away. By doing so, we can help you draft such important documents as a will, durable power of attorney, health care proxy, HIPAA releases, and any final disposition instructions you may require.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
When couples enter into these types of agreements prior to their marriage or along the way after saying their vows, situations often arise that require the advice of an experienced lawyer. Here at Hera Law Group, we can help you address various issues contained in these agreements. Some of the most common include the protection of assets and inheritances, future alimony, debts each spouse brings into the marriage, and what spouses will be entitled to should one die unexpectedly.

Elder Law
When elderly parents or others cannot handle their own affairs or continue to live in their home of many decades, tough decisions need to be made by those closest to them. During these times, having expert legal guidance is crucial to ensuring critical mistakes are not made unwittingly. In the area of elder law, we can help with the establishment of guardianships and conservatorships, provide advice about choosing the best care options from a legal standpoint, and help answer questions when key documents are or are not already in place.

Guardian ad Litem
When a Guardian ad Litem is appointed to investigate issues surrounding minor children, parents and others will have many questions about the investigation and what will come next. Since there are several types of these appointments that are common in probate court, it is critical to work with attorneys who can protect your rights, explain the situation in easy to understand terms, and keep you informed each step of the way.

Rather than hire an attorney you only hope will get you the results you desire for your legal matter, look to us here at Hera Law Group. Trusted for decades by people in and around our community, you can count on getting expert advice, compassion, and attorneys who will fight hard for you from start to finish. To start getting your questions answered by professionals you can trust, contact us today here at Hera Law Group.

Our Legal Team

Amanda Castro, Esq.

Managing Partner, Family Law
Emily Spector, ESQ., an estate planning, trust, and probate administration expert, exudes professionalism and confidence in a smiling photo.

Emily Spector, Esq.

Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration
An image of Christine M. Tree, Esq., looking into a camera, from a head shot from the Hera Law Group's website.

Christine M. Tree, Esq.

Elder law, Estate Planning, and Probate
An image of Diana Gamache, smiling directly at the camera, from the Hera Law Group website.

Diana Gamache

Senior Paralegal
Teagan Jones, Paralegal of Hera law group in Milton, MA, smiling at the camera

Teagan Jones

An image of Hannah Lejter, from her bio on the Hera Law Group website.

Hannah Lejter

An Image of Colleen, legal assistant/office manager at Hera Law Group, smiling at the camera

Colleen Tank

Legal Assistant/Office Manager

Client Testimonials

  • Melissa is a hard-working, personable attorney who helps her clients understand legal documents and advocates on their behalf. She helped me review legal documents, informed me of my legal rights, and suggested areas for follow-up. I felt comfortable with the entire process thanks to Melissa’s warm demeanor and her ability to explain information clearly. I would use her for any legal services in the future without hesitation – she is a top-notch attorney! [ Google Review ]

    Katie Appleton
  • I can’t say enough good things about Levin Piro, and specifically, Chris Wurster. I went to this firm with a very personal situation and was treated with respect, advised honestly, and communicated with constantly throughout my time working with Chris. I find the experience of having to work with an attorney daunting but I did not once feel that this experience was anything other than helpful and sincere. I refer anyone I know here and recommend them without a second of hesitation. Also, their services are worth every last penny. Thank you, Chris, for all you did for me! [ Google Review ]

    Heidi Hollister
  • I started working with Alanna toward the beginning of this year and I wanted you to know how helpful she has been during my divorce. She has the perfect balance of assertiveness and empathy. She helped to bring my contested divorce to an uncontested one. Our hearing was this morning and I’m honestly going to miss working with her. I don’t think many people will say they will miss their divorce attorney but she’s become part of my support system. She made me laugh when I needed it most and listened to me during the process of what was most important as a divorce outcome. She’s very good at what she does. [ Google Review ]

    Jennifer G
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