Telling Young Children About Divorce Through Sesame Street

Telling your children about divorce is one of the most challenging parts of the divorce process. At my very first consultation with clients I provide them with reading material and recommendations on books regarding how to breach this subject with their small children. However, after they leave my office and head home, they are the ones who will have to tell their children, not me, and it is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have young children. Young children understand that there is something going on, but often do not grasp the big picture or even understand what a divorce is. One really useful resource is the Sesame Street online tool kit. The amazing people over at Sesame Street have created a series of videos that explain everything from “What is Divorce?” to “It’s Not Your Fault” to “Changes.”

Check out the full Sesame Street Divorce Tool Kit, which is free online:

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