Modification Actions in Family Law

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Modification Actions in Family Law
Circumstances can change significantly, especially in the context of Family Law and judgments made by the court may no longer be feasible or reasonable based on those changes of circumstances. A complaint for modification may be filed by either party involved if a significant change in circumstances has occurred since the time of the court order. Generally, a modification complaint can address issues such as visitation, custody, parenting plans, alimony and child support.  Modifications are generally not available on orders in relation to property division.

Examples of significant changes include involuntary income reductions, remarriage, retirement, death, inheritance and changes relating to a minor child’s needs. A significant change in a child’s age and needs from the date of original judgment could be a basis for a modification as well. Visitation circumstances could change based on work schedules, relocation of the parents and/or guardians, and/or the child’s extracurricular activities.

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