Fast Facts on Child Custody

One of the main issues which need to be decided during divorces is which one of the parents will get the custody over the child. It happens quite often that after the parents get divorced, one of the parents may seek relocation outside of the state of Massachusetts. This can affect both the relationship between the parents and the children and the custody agreement between the divorced parents.

In these types of cases, the Massachusetts` courts usually apply the most common standard of what is in the best interest of the child. The court weighs in all the factors to determine what would be the most proper parenting plan.

There is a bigger legal burden in those cases when one of the parents wants to leave the state together with the child. In those types of cases the parent must get a court approval for moving out or to get consent from the other parent. When the court is called to intervene in the matter, the court applies a test in order to determine what would be the best solution in the given situation.

The court checks at four categories of important information. First of all, it determines what is the best interest for the child. Then it checks whether there is an honest and good reason for moving out of the states` jurisdiction. After that is looks into the interests of the parent that wants to move out and at the end it checks the interests of the parent that remains in the state.

When the court looks into the interests of the child, it considers several different factors. The court needs to decide whether the moving will affect the child physically, emotionally or whether the moving will affect child`s development. Also another important thing is whether the relocation will improve the quality of life of the child. The court also looks into whether the child will have a good opportunity to get a proper education in the other state. These are some of the factors which need to be considered, and the court always looks first into what is in the best interest for the child before moving onto the parents` interests.

When the court considers the interest of the parent that gets the custody there are lots of factors taken into consideration. It is important whether the custodial parent has a sincere wish to move out of the state. What is the main motive for relocation, and what are the advantages from moving out. It is also important whether the move will have any financial advantages or opportunities both for the child and the parent.

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