Child Custody
An image of two parents holding hands with their kids, for a blog on court mandated co-parenting course.
Co-Parenting Course Mandate in Massachusetts  Massachusetts has reintroduced a mandatory co-parenting course named “Two Families Now”. Probate and Family Court Standing Order 3-2023 “Co-Parenting Education Course for Married and Unmarried Parents” effective November 1, 2023, has been amended and superseded by this Standing Order as of February 12, 2024. This shift gives judges of the...
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Oklahoma Court Decision Raises Concerns for LGBTQ+ Parents Highlighting the Importance of Confirmatory Adoptions By Keri Bruso In February 2023, an Oklahoma state court issued a decision that handed over a lesbian mother’s parenting rights to the child’s sperm donor. This case highlighted the importance of securing LGBTQ+ parenting rights through confirmatory adoptions. What happened?...
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One of the main issues which need to be decided during divorces is which one of the parents will get the custody over the child. It happens quite often that after the parents get divorced, one of the parents may seek relocation outside of the state of Massachusetts. This can affect both the relationship between...
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