3 Tips To Get Ready For Divorce

As with most major changes in life, divorce can be a time of stress and upheaval. However, with a little preparation, you can make the change a little easier and possibly help influence the odds to fall in your favor if you fear your spouse may try to make things difficult. A good divorce lawyer can help with nearly every step of the process.

Find Your Support

Having a support structure you can rely on is arguably the most important thing you can do when going through a divorce. Find friends and family members who will support you and help you when you need a clear head around. You also need to find a divorce lawyer you can trust. Finding the right lawyer for you is important; it must be someone you can trust and be comfortable with, and someone who you think will work well in negotiations with your spouse. You may wish to get recommendations from friends, but keep in mind that the divorce lawyer who worked for them may not work as well for you. The internet is a great resource to look for reviews and opinions on lawyers near you.

Be Civil

This tip cannot be stressed enough. It can be difficult to keep a clear head when tensions are high, but losing your temper, getting angry, or reacting to provocation can have a drastic impact on your divorce proceedings. If things get out of hand and Court Order of Protection (colloquially known as a restraining order) is issued, it can have a hugely negative impact on how you come out of your divorce. Your divorce lawyer can likely give you a time estimate, but in most cases, divorce cases are not over quickly, and can become long and drawn-out, especially if you stand firm in your terms. Finding a way to be civil with your spouse despite any disagreements you may have can make this difficult process much easier.

Knowledge is Power

As soon as you see a divorce on the horizon for you, you should start learning as much about the process as possible. Read books, research the court processes online, and ask your divorce lawyer any questions you might have as you learn more. You also need to know about yourself — knowing your income, your assets, and your property is essential. You can take photos or video around your home or start a ledger of your belongings, in case some of these things disappear. Copy everything, especially financial records, and make sure your lawyer has copies of all of these things as well. Most importantly, know what you want. If you are unclear in your desires or change your mind often, your divorce can drag on much longer than necessary. Make a list of what you want and be clear about which ones you are not willing to budge on. Knowing what you’re willing to fight for ahead of time can make your divorce lawyer’s job easier and make the process go much smoother.

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