What Kinds of Cases Meet the Definition for Civil Litigation?

Levin-Piro Law is a Massachusetts based law firm providing many different litigation services with locations in Maynard & Quincy. No matter if the dispute is small or big, our attorneys always have a professional and offer a devoted approach in every civil matter and any general litigation. Civil litigation is a part of the law which handles the disputes or issues between two or more people where there is no criminal sanction. Most of these cases can be settled outside of the court, but if an agreement cannot be reached then the case goes to a trial.

Civil litigation involves disputes over property, professional misconduct, work-related disputes, and most of the civil cases start after a contract has been breached. This often includes a failure in acknowledging of a right or a failure to pay an invoice or a bill. Civil litigations involve any kinds of payment problems between businesses or individuals which are bound by the contract or by the law.

The disputing parties commonly seek legal advice about the matter in question. When this occurs, the lawyers examine the claims and if they find that the matter requires a written submission, they will draft it, then file it and will notify the other party of the dispute. The formal documentation of the litigation process is also known as pleadings.

The next step of the process is usually the mediation. Mediation is an attempt to resolve the matter out of the court, and this burden to resolve the matter is usually on the non-breaching party. For example, the non-breaching party can offer some better payment plan to the other party instead of immediately requesting a full payout. Mediations are not always successful, but they are a good attempt to resolve the issue before going with the case to the court.

Civil litigations do not have any specific time frames in which they need to be finished. In some cases litigation trials can go on for several years. Clients in these cases need to be prepared for litigation costs and expenses if they wish to fight a trial for a longer period of time. At the end, it is always up to the two opposing parties to resolve their case and reach a settlement. If not, then they should be both prepared for a long battle in the court.

Levin-Piro civil litigation attorneys can handle any work for you in court. At the end of the case is the matter of enforcing a court judgment or paying off the debt. This often does not come easily, however. In case if the party that lost the case refuses to pay, they can be ordered by the court to discuss details about their finances. If they still refuse to pay or are unable to pay then a judgment can result in a seizure of assets or money. In any case, Levin-Piro civil litigation attorneys have plenty of experience and skills to help you in protecting your property or rights if you are found that you have to pay, or to ensure an enforcement if you win your civil litigation case.

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