Making Divorce Easier for Children

People underestimate what children experience in divorces, but children see and hear more then most divorcing parents think they do. The initial stages of the divorce, and the first few years after the divorce, are the hardest for children to adjust to. As parents, it is your job to maintain a sense of normalcy for your children and minimize the conflict they are exposed to.

For the benefit of your children:

1) Try to have arguments out of ear shot of the children;

2) Talk to your children about what’s going on and answer any questions they may have, but make sure they know that they were not the reason for your divorce;

3) Do not say disparaging comments about the other parent in the presence of the children;

4) Encourage your children to regularly see and talk to the other parent;

5) Allow your children to bring toys and items back and forth from your houses;

6) Keep routines (and rules) consistent in both households;

7) Reassure your children that you love them;

8) Don’t use your children as your messenger to the other parent.;

9) Don’t underestimate the power of co-parenting counseling and classes;

10) Spend quality time with your children whenever possible.

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